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  • Dealignment — Dealignment, in political science, is a trend or process whereby a large portion of the electorate abandons its previous partisan affiliation, without developing a new one to replace it. It is contrasted with realignment. Many scholars argue that …   Wikipedia

  • Dealignment — bezeichnet in der Wahlforschung den über Staatsgrenzen hinweg feststellbaren Prozess des Abnehmens von Parteiidentifikationen. Nach dem Ann Arbor Modell ist damit mit einem Steigen der Wechselwähler, zumindest aber mit einem Ansteigen des… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • dealignment — de·a·lign·ment (dē ə līnʹmənt) n. A movement among voters toward nonpartisanship, resulting in a weakening of party structure. * * * …   Universalium

  • dealignment — noun a process whereby voters are moved toward nonpartisanship thus weakening the structure of political parties • Hypernyms: ↑process, ↑physical process …   Useful english dictionary

  • class dealignment —    The process of decline in the social classbased strength of attachment and in the sense of belonging to class based political parties that became a feature of the period from the 1970s onwards. Explanations for class dealignment include:… …   Glossary of UK Government and Politics

  • partisan dealignment —    Refers to the weakening of traditional bonds between the electors and parties and social groups and parties which have occurred to some degree in many democracies. Sharp declines in party identification have been apparent in countries such as… …   Glossary of UK Government and Politics

  • class dealignment — See consumption sectors ; voting behaviour …   Dictionary of sociology

  • partisan dealignment — See voting behaviour …   Dictionary of sociology

  • Independent (voter) — Not to be confused with Independence Party, Independent Party, America s Independent Party, or American Independent Party. Part of the Politics series …   Wikipedia

  • voting behaviour — Voting is the main form of political participation in liberal democratic societies and the study of voting behaviour is a highly specialized sub field within political science . The analysis of voting patterns invariably focuses on the… …   Dictionary of sociology

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